Turkish Mobile Operator Avea Validates Benefits of Revenue Assurance

Subex Ltd announced that Avea, the only GSM 1800 mobile operator in Turkey, has selected its ROC Revenue Assurance solution after a competitive bidding process. Avea’s Revenue Assurance Department Manager, Cahit Erdogan, was quoted in regards to this contract award saying ““The difference between existence of a dependable (revenue assurance) tool and its absence is like the difference between one and zero.” He also stated that previous “positive outcomes of having a revenue assurance tool” – Subex Moneta – “encourage us to invest more in our revenue assurance business.”

The practice of Revenue Assurance has come full circle. It began as an activity undertaken “on the come” where vendors would offer it as a “no-risk, pay only when we recover hard cash” type of treasure hunt. Erdogan’s comments speak to the industry’s recognition that Revenue Assurance is a fundamental business control that any operator ought to implement across all of its operations and service offerings.

Players in the revenue assurance space continue to market their offerings as tools for leakage prevention and diagnosis, and of course they stress the bottom line contributions their wares can make. A more aggressive message to operators may be appropriate, however, in regards to revenue assurance as an enterprise-wide requirement.

Any telecom operator has an incredibly complex business that will eat its own profits when they fail not only to implement – but to excel with – diagnostic revenue controls. Even for massively profitable operators, there is never an excuse to fail to pursue greater margins and increased profitability. Revenue assurance isn’t an afterthought; it should be addressed in the context of any activity an operator undertakes.

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