Take one – What does a network have to do with customer experience?

Making use of, and making human, the massive amount of data that telcos have running through their veins will stand them in good stead in the battle for customer loyalty and recommendation.

We believe that billing is now the voice of customer service – BillingViews reflects that belief.

From the customer’s point of view the network should be completely invisible. It must work, well, at every moment that the customer wants to use it – however he wants to use it.

From the CSPs point of view, the network should be the best quality and the lowest cost possible.

From the billing point of view, the only knowledge of the network is the usage data that seamlessly feed the BSS.

If you follow that logic then it is easy to see why silos, and the problems that they cause, have built up within telcos.

Now it is all changing. It is flattening and being glued together by data. Data from the network is becoming invaluable, for traffic optimisation purposes, for customer usage purposes and for quality of service data. Network data has a direct effect on the customer experience, so much so that network monitoring and analytics companies are pushing this experience and data into the billing environment.

This network data also enhances the experience for customers in other ways – actually by preventing bad experiences, as important as providing good ones. Advice of charge, for instance, if used appropriately, can prevent a customer getting into overage charge, unknowingly.

Link advice of charge, essentially driven from the network, to a policy management engine telcos can now something much more effective that providing a negative ‘you are about to reach your limit – Stop! Bad customer!’ They can upsell.

‘Hello Mr Leslie, you are close to your limit, would you like to: buy an extra 5 gigabytes (equivalent to watching the Star Wars prequels, although I wouldn’t recommend the second one) or would you like to review your data package, click here for some ideas and new bundles that we have developed based on what you and customers like you have been doing.’

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