Swisscom takes to real-time with MATRIXX Software

Swisscom has taken MATRIXX Charging into production as its strategic convergent charging platform for prepaid and postpaid mobile customers.

According to Heinz Herren, CTO at Swisscom, “As we move to LTE, we foresee a customer need for more billing transparency and flexibility for our customers to select their individual plans in real-time from their mobile devices. Furthermore, we see that shared plans are also becoming prevalent in the Corporate and SME market where the need for real-time spend control across enterprises is a key differentiator as users and devices consume more bandwidth and subscribe to a wider range of offerings.”

Swisscom has deployed MATRIXX as part of a transformation initiative to move its business to real-time. By leveraging a single, real-time charging platform for all of its services, Swisscom can now achieve a number of strategic goals including providing billing transparency and real-time engagement for all customers; providing more pricing options and flexibility; implementing a future-proof, real-time platform that can support the full scope of Swisscom’s customer services – including LTE roll out and thus enhancing Swisscom’s position as a telecom innovator.

“The new and dynamic market that LTE drives requires a different approach to real-time technology that will advance our business by enabling an online experience for all our customers,” said Bram van der Zwet, Strategic Program Manager at Swisscom.   The system was integrated into Swisscom’s existing network and IT infrastructure in less than 3 months including full customer and price plan migration.

Dave Labuda, Founder, CEO and CTO of MATRIXX Software, said, “Swisscom is on the forefront of operators who are transforming the industry and using real-time to advance their offerings.  We are proud to play a role in delivering on Swisscom’s strategic decision to elevate its business to focus on real-time customer interaction.”


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