Is Social the Answer to Fight Fraud, Flatten Silos?

In recent months changes to the whole ‘social’ model have been hitting the headlines. Companies have been using Facebook and Twitter or similar platforms to improve the communication between teams. In some cases, the social model is being used to provide better, more creative responses to customers’ problems. Now, it is being used to combat fraud.

In essence, implementing social tools helps change a company’s culture. Now, when we walk into work we do not necessarily shed our family, social skin and put on the work armour. We keep our normal self intact. This simple act will change the way we look at work. It makes people more co-operative, and less defensive. Guerilla IT teams have been achieving great things using a ‘social’ approach to collaboration across diverse teams within organisations. For similar reasons, the social phenomenon is also breaking down silos at an ever increasing rate.

The whole social phenomenon is changing. Facebook recently posted its first net reduction in subscribers. Some say that kids are now finding Facebook ‘uncool’ as their parents use it so much. Others say that kids are simply fickle and are moving to Twitter or other, more subversive sites. Fundamentally, kids want somewhere to hang out away from parental supervision.

More specific social sites will rise on the shoulders of Facebook. One example is a Scottish community site aimed at linking the 50 million Scots around the world, with a slick e-commerce engine underneath it that supports quality Scottish products. And the examples are not just community orientated. Fraud is just the latest example of how community based, social techniques and tools are being used to combat the ever-increasing threat of fraud. Government and industry can combine forces in a social, therefore unstructured and more creative way to keep up with threats.

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