Policy Management – Managing Customers and Congestion?


There is no let up in the growth of the policy management as the challenge of managing customers and networks remains at the forefront of operators’ minds. The market grew by a robust 41 percent in 2011 and is set to be worth in excess of $1.9 billion by 2016, according to research house Infonetics.

Not surprisingly the largest growth is coming in the wake of new mobile infrastructure developments and is being used primarily to reduce churn. Policy management allows greater sophistication in customer offers and is largely responsible for packages such as ‘Happy Hours’ now offered by 11 percent of operators surveyed by Allot Communications in their latest Mobile Trends Report. Back in the summer we reported on one such story in which Italian operator, WIND had scored measureable success by implementing Volubill’s solution. Essentially, such offers are win-win – the customer gets a deal on bandwidth and the operators moves a customer from a peak time to a non peak time on the network.

Policy is now seen as a key piece in revenue management solutions and is being more tightly integrated in vendor offerings, according to Infonetics.

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