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Ericsson ConsumerLab reports are a great read. Without them we would not know that 40 percent of people who own smartphones use them before they get out of bed in the morning, nor that the same percentage use them when they get back into bed at night. Without them, last year, we would not have found out that three percent of smartphone owners use GPS in bed. Sadly, the report does not shed any light on why that might be – we have to leave it to the imagination.


The report, or the series of reports, are based on surveys of thousands of people, such that they are truly representative of the how the world works and works with technology. We know, for example, that the highest priority for operators is to improve customer experience, 62 percent of the sample said so, above the 53 percent who said that reducing capex is the priority and 49 percent who said that delivering a faster time to market was critical.


They also identified the four areas of greatest frustration that customers have with operators. Billing, customer care, loyalty and inflexible bundles are the candidates. It is interesting that ‘loyalty’ makes it into the top four – although hardly something to be proud of – and further investigation shows that customers are becoming frustrated by operators not acknowledging their loyalty. Customers want to be advised about bundles, plans and promotions, not left to figure it out for themselves.


The report also identifies as the most important touch points to get right are Service and Support, the initial purchase process and billing, with the first, Service and Support scoring the highest with almost half of the people surveyed.


Perhaps it is common sense, perhaps we kind of knew this. But with the sample sizes that ConsumerLab employs, we now know we know.They are a great read.

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