Open Letter to Gartner

Dear Gartner

Your consultancy is well known and well respected in the communications industry. Operators consult you and vendors respect, even fear, you.

When you produced your IRCM Magic Quadrant last year, we found some of the findings puzzling and said so. Our underlying message was that you should be aware that the Magic Quadrant was produced by people who clearly had little or no knowledge of the industry they were analysing. We, and some of our mutual customers in the industry, wanted you to make sure that such influential tools are produced with knowledge, experience and rigorous scrutiny.

Imagine our dismay when you produced this year’s Magic Quadrant. It is, if anything, lazier and more puzzling than last year’s. Instead of laughing off some of the analysis, we decided to bring it to your attention. Disturbingly, we know with certainty that some of the companies that you included in this year’s Magic Quadrant were offered the chance to see a draft, responded with changes and were ignored. Even more puzzling is that some established vendors simply do not appear.

Your Magic Quadrant is influential, but maybe not as influential as you make out (we asked some major operators) – but nevertheless is generally part of the information gathering exercise that is part and parcel of a major ICT purchase.

We would ask, on behalf of the industry in general, that you tighten up the research and analysis behind your IRMC Magic Quadrant. If you do not, you may not be taken seriously for much longer.

We have been in the forefront of what you refer to as the Integrated Revenue and Customer Management industry for over 20 years. We, and our readers it seems, believe we have a pretty good idea about what is going on in this sector. You might like to have your analysts take a look at us to get a broader view of the real world in order to make more balanced assessments for your next piece of IRCM Magic.

Yours sincerely



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