NFC – (Never Forsake Cash) – a poem


A friend of mine explained to me,

This stunning new technology.

You tap, he said, and then you book

Or buy, or send, or simply look.


A chip, he said, inside the phones

Safe as houses, free from clones.

‘Come with me, I’ll change your ways

I haven’t needed cash for days.’


We went by train, to take the strain

He tapped and waved and swiped in vain.

We paid in cash – but just this once.

He took me to an early lunch.


The waiter came, gave him the bill

He waved his phone quite near the till.

The waiter frowned, I had to pay

In cash – there was no other way.


And still he talked of NFC

‘They’re beta testing, do you see?’

And as we went, he tapped and talked

And waved and swiped, and still we walked.


No bus, nor train nor bank nor shop

Would take a tap, but did he stop?

On we went and then we found

Just inside the Underground,


A kiosk that said ‘tap right here’

But then it said ‘please try next year.’

We soon passed by a rubbish bin.

He stopped and dropped his phone right in.


He waved, then tapped a solemn dirge

That seemed to say he’d lost the urge.

And as we walked into the night

I wondered when they’d get it right.



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Alex was Founder and CEO of the Global Billing Association (GBA), a trade body focused on the communications sector. He is a sought after speaker and chairman at leading industry conferences, and is widely published in communications magazines around the world. Until it closed, he was Contributing Editor, OSS/BSS for Connected Planet.

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