MVNO TurkCell Europe Adds 300,000 Subs, Upgrades OSS/BSS

MVNOs typically focus on niche-market plays. There have been some spectacular failures along the way (remember ESPN and Disney Mobile?). But TurkCell came up with an interesting take that appears to be working. Offering price advantages, particularly in communications between Germany and Turkey, TurkCell Europe targets Turks living in Germany and Germans with close ties to Turkey. 300,000 subscribers later, its plan is working.

So what comes next? An infrastructure upgrade. TurkCell Europe pulled in an entire suite of products from Comarch to provide the OSS/BSS foundation for its operations – convergent billing, crm, self-care, billing mediation, service activation, and a B2B gateway. So what makes an MVNO? A good idea and an integrated OSS/BSS suite.


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Ed is now Director, Strategy for NetCracker. Previously, for 15 years he was a reporter, analyst and consultant focused on the OSS/BSS industry and a regular contributor to BillingViews.

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