MVNE Teleena selects MATRIXX Software

MATRIXX Software has announced that it has been selected by Teleena to provide the real-time platform for its managed services business. Teleena is an innovative Dutch managed services provider that enables businesses in a number of sectors to launch their own private label mobile networks.

Teleena empowers mobile operators and innovative retail brands such as supermarkets and financial sector businesses to launch virtual mobile networks targeted at emerging, fast-growing market segments. The MATRIXX platform will provide the rapid launch capabilities and real-time infrastructure required for a new breed of virtual operator that is focused on non-traditional business models, emerging market segments, and digital goods and services. MATRIXX will also provide the platform for traditional pre-paid and post-paid communications services, and the single platform on which to manage both retail and wholesale rating and revenue management.

Teleena provides the telecom business infrastructure for more than a dozen virtual operators such as Vodafone’s brand hollandsnieuwe, UPC Netherlands, Telesur and Ziggo. As this market continues to surge, Teleena needed an advanced platform that would enable new brands to bring their businesses online, making new products and services immediately available through interactive, online consumer self-service and self-care portals. Using MATRIXX, Teleena has been able to build and launch price plans five times quicker than with its previous solution. Teleena has leveraged MATRIXX’s patented technology and intuitive GUI interface to launch a live trial solution in less than ten days.

MATRIXX provides the real-time, convergent business platform for Teleena’s customers to quickly and efficiently roll out unique propositions that differentiate their businesses and drive customer loyalty. MATRIXX delivers the flexibility for Teleena customers to design loyalty schemes based on any type of usage or spend variables they wish – creating thousands of possibilities to deliver personalized programs to individual customers. Virtual operators can also provide the ability for consumers to charge several global calling numbers to a single account, using the most cost-effective number, dependent on where they are roaming.

The MATRIXX solution will also power customer self-care capabilities which play an important role for operators striving to proactively offer customers contextual, brand-oriented products and services in real-time. Operators are reorienting their businesses to meet an increasing demand from consumers for control over their own services, the ability to customize their own bundles and the benefit of receiving highly personalized offers. Self-service also reduces the need for traditional customer care centers by bringing the majority of interactions on-line and through the mobile device, thus lowering the cost to serve.


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