MATRIXX Software Receives Boost from Swisscom Ventures

For a growing company any influx of capital is great; but capital with a reference customer – that’s even better. MATRIXX Software announced today that Swisscom Ventures, Swisscom’s venture capital group, has invested an undisclosed sum in the company. MATRIXX’s products offer real-time processing that supports charging, rating, balance management, subscriber policy management, and session management. MATRIXX emphasizes the concept of combining this real-time capability with analytics. The analytics aspect is intended to enable operators to respond to market and user trends and to take rapid action regarding traffic management. According to Swisscom Ventures investment officer Stefan Kuentz, Swisscom chose to invest in Matrixx because it “allows Swisscom a prime position to profit from the tremendous growth of mobile broadband services.”

Swisscom’s investment in MATRIXX is not only a boost for the company, it is a sign that operators recognize the increasing importance of advanced real-time capabilities that both enable on-demand service delivery and provide analytical visibility into user behavior, transactions, network performance, and the relationships among them.

The idea of a post-facto monthly bill seems increasingly outdated in this environment. The monthly statement remains an important customer communication and a useful tally of periodic activity, but payment and service delivery now occurs on the spot. Users need visibility into their spending. We expect immediate responsiveness from billing and service delivery infrastructure, which most people simply call “the network.” This transition to, and investment in, real-time capability is part of an increasing response across the CSP community to consumer demand for transactional immediacy and spending visibility.

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