Listening to the customer – what an outdated idea

At events, seminars and in media we are being tsunami(ed) by visionaries telling us we need to listen to the customers and then we spend time and money on NPS (Net Promoter Score), Surveys etc.

This led me to think, wh... 70% of survey respondents said they don't do surveys.en did I last get a survey from Google, iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter or Alibaba?

All these companies that are, arguably, over-achievers and growing significantly faster than CSPs. Are they this incredibly successful because they listen to the market or their customers?

I say no! They do something much more effective, they relate to what people do, and just that! As said, I have yet to receive a survey from Google asking me to score them from 0 to 9 on how satisfied I am with their solutions. Why would they need to ask when they see and know exactly what I am doing anyway?

In the digital world it is possible to see what works and what doesn’t almost immediately. Amazon has the ability to its customers like an open book (no pun intended) due to the analytical solutions deployed analyzing and correlating data from big data sources.

We know, and behavioral economics addresses it as well, that there are differences between what we say we do and what we actually do. In the digital world there is no need to map what people potentially are going to do and measure the likelihood. We can just relate to what people actually do.

Marketers have dreamt about this prospect since commencement of the marketing discipline. In today’s digital world, through solutions using analytics, correlations and big data sources this is real. Since the technology is in the hands of our new competitors why do we so desperately put our bets on surveys and NPS alone when the technology for ‘relating to what customers do’ is available to all?

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