Heads of SMBs want cloud services from their main provider

Globally, almost all Small and Medium Sized businesses (SMBs) are either using Cloud services (57 percent) or are actively considering it (44 percent). Not surprisingly, perhaps, almost three quarters of the group surveyed by Coleman Parkes on behalf of Amdocs use it for storage and back up.

While some SMBs believe that they can find good deals if they shop around, 74 percent of the group said they prefer to receive cloud-based services from their primary service provider and 44 percent said they would switch to their primary service provider if they were offered bundles of traditional and cloud-based services.

At the moment SMBs buy from three different vendors and almost a third are not aware that their primary service provider even offers cloud-based services.

This, then, points to a huge opportunity for service providers. With significant numbers of arguably their most profitable group of customers unaware that they offer cloud-based services and the majority wanting to buy cloud services from their primary service provider, the door is wide open.

Several recent conferences and seminars have hosted speakers from service providers echoing the opportunity confirmed by this research and dividing their services into voice, text, data and cloud as the differentiator.

With the survey also identifying that SMBs want one bill for all their communications services, service providers should go and talk to their customers about this.


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