DDoS downs BillingViews

On Wednesday afternoon at 4pm EST an unknown third party initiated a DDoS attack on our domain host’s (1&1) DNS infrastructure. The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to attribute internet addresses such as “1and1.com” to IP numbers, similar to a telephone book. During the coordinated attack, many widely spread computers (also known as bot net) sent several hundred thousand requests per second to the 1&1 DNS servers.

The attack resulted in reduced availability on some of 1&1’s hosting services (such as shared hosting, MyWebsite, servers, e-mail, control panel) including BillingViews and sister publication, DisruptiveViews. 1&1 engineers swiftly identified the target of the attack and initiated respective countermeasures, but both our sites were off the air for most of the day.

Our apologies to you, our loyal readers, for disruption of service beyond our control. We do not believe that recent posts regarding M&A activity by a supplier from a large Asian country on DisruptiveViews had anything to do with this attack.

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