CSG buys Volubill’s assets – finds a logical home

CSG has bought Volubill’s major assets. It is a logical home for Volubill and its technology and everyone seems happy with the deal.

John Aalbers, CEO of Volubill is “very pleased to become part of the CSG family,” according to the press release. He is pleased according to himself as well. “Nowadays it is all about making money out of data services and frankly we had great technology but were too small. Four years ago its was nascent, now it is imperative. We were always in the top two of the tech tests, but when it came to the ‘risk’ questions in the vendor selection process we were up against it. Now, with CSG, we have more firepower and together we can deliver some leading edge technology to the major players.”

CSG are happy too. David Heaps, senior vice president of business strategy at CSG said that his “clients are always looking for the most effective ways to maximize the value from the data and traffic that travel across their networks, and Volubill was an early innovator in that space.”

As our own Tony Poulos said in his analysis of the news that Volubill was liquidating part of its operation, “such a small operation may not be able to manage support for all of Volubill’s customers and what of those customers Intec was supporting before its acquisition by CSG? If any of those customers are still using some of the Digiquant/Volubill/Intec code it may be in CSG’s interest to take a hand in proceedings, at least to protect those customers.”

Aalbers was quick to clarify the situation around the guessing game that emerged a month ago. “We have three operating companies and we took a very difficult decision to liquidate the french one. What is important is that the Danish entity is the one that holds the I.P for the policy and charging solutions. There is also the U.S entity. To be honest it became a cleaner decision for companies looking at us once we had made that decision.”

He also pointed out that the figures that were being examined at the time ignored the consolidated figures and concentrated just on the french ones. And were therefore out by almost 70 percent.

Plus ca change.

Good luck to John and his team at their new home.


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