Of Clouds, Consumers, Commerce and Cash (Not)


It seems the report season is in full swing. Some reports BillingViews will analyse in some depth, and sometimes question some of the conclusions. At the moment, two have our attention – the excellent in-depth view into operators’ charging plans from Openet and an analysis of wholesale fraud – a huge problem – from revenue assurance specialist Subex.

Other reports are interesting for those of us who like to have a fistful of statistics at hand.

Like, for example, the report from MarketsandMarkets who predict that the Cloud Billing market will grow from $2.4 billion in 2013 to $9.58 billion in 2018. According to the release, the company has segmented the market well, dividing the market by ‘type of delivery’ (SaaS, IaaS and PaaS) and ‘type of service’ – for instance, revenue managmenet, account management and customer management.

Or indeed, the nugget that tells us that commerce transactions on mobile devices in the US, in the first half of this year topped $10 billion, $6 billion or so of which were made using smartphones. We need to wait and see how this measures up against predictions. Last year the Yankee Group predicted that mobile commerce would be worth $625 billion globally, this year.

Oddly, a ‘mobile commerce’ search in Google found an old article from 2008, where Juniper Research predicted that ‘purchases of digital and physical goods’ by mobile device will be worth over $600 billion by 2013. So, if Yankee is right, then Juniper Research is certainly in the running for a prestigious BullsEye BillingViews Award.

To Africa, for a quick update on the phenomenon that is M-Pesa. Predictions here too seem to be coming true. According to the 2012 Financial Stability Report, money transfers grew to $18 billion last year, from $13 billion in 2011. What is interesting about this trend is that the rise of M-Pesa is driving the growth and maturity of the whole financial system in Kenya. Card payments have now reached over 10 million, ATM machines have appeared in ever greater numbers and ATM transactions have doubled to 224.6 million. M-Pesa is certainly a success story for Kenya. Whether it can be readily transferred to other African economies remains unclear.

Finally for this round up, the gang at Juniper Research believe that consumer spending on apps will reach $75 billion by 2017. This is according to their report on the future of app stores. They believe that tablets will drive a huge part of this revenue, from $7.8 billion this year, to $26.6 billion in 2017. Games will account for 32 percent of this revenue.

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