Billing is the Target for Trojans

In recent weeks, Microsoft, in conjunction with law enforcement operatives and banks managed to disrupt a Zeus Trojan that was stealing financial information – around $100 million or so.

The problem with Zeus like bugs, even if you think you have taken out the command and control structure that controls the communications channel between the target and the bad guys, it can morph and jink, avoiding attempts at killing it.

It can also, of course, be relaunched and targeted at a different sector. This time it is close to home as payroll systems in Canada are being attacked. Cloud billing service providers are in the sights and although payroll is only adjacent to our own version of billing, it is time to increase power to the forward shields and review your security policy – policy, co-operation, communication and training is the only real defence.

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Alex was Founder and CEO of the Global Billing Association (GBA), a trade body focused on the communications sector. He is a sought after speaker and chairman at leading industry conferences, and is widely published in communications magazines around the world. Until it closed, he was Contributing Editor, OSS/BSS for Connected Planet.

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