The Awards that Should have been Awarded at the Awards Strewn Management World Awards Ceremonies

And without further Ado….

The Cannes Film Festival Raising the Bar ‘A’ List Freebie Award goes to Microsoft for putting Surface RT tablets in the hands of discerning IT executives (their wives and children wish to say thank you).

The Macbeth Poisoned Chalice Award goes to Netformx for unknowingly sponsoring the Worst WiFi at a Communications Event Ever.

The Tom Cruise Happy Hour Award goes to Atos and Partner Matrixx for the Best Mojitos at a Grown Up Business Event Ever.

The Heston Blumental Replete Reporter Award goes to the TM Forum Press Room for the Best Food in a Press Room Ever.

The Liberace OTT Award goes to Ericsson for making two perfectly good hotels disappear by draping them with OTT marketing materials.

The Oxford English Dictionary Award goes to Huawei for verbanating the noun Internet on their marketing materials, creating a new verb ‘Internetize.’

The Lost in a Fog Award for the most tangential and frankly wrong use of the word Cloud has not been awarded at this time.


A reminder of

The Rules
Our rules are simple.

1) Anyone in the space is eligible to win.

2) No one is allowed to apply.

3) There are no entries or nominations, so there are no entry or nomination fees.

4) We decide who wins because, well, we feel like it.

5) Some of our awards are serious. Some are tongue in cheek. All are meant to entertain.

6) We don’t give any trophies or graphics to add to a web page. Winners just get to feel honored that someone with a heavily read web publication is paying attention to them.


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