Beyond Billing

TripAdvisor talks telco

Meeting Rory Kenny from TripAdvisor is an enlightening experience. His role as Director is to establish and nurture mobile partnerships and affiliates for TripAdvisor in Europe, Middle East and Africa. That responsibility alone makes him unique, but his views […]

Losing voice

Operators losing voice

A new report from Juniper Research has claimed that voice and messaging traffic lost to OTT (Over The Top) players such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype will cost network operators $14 billion in revenues globally this year, […]

Beyond Billing

Wi-Fi’s winning ways

What would possess a leading tier one telco to roll out a massive national Wi-Fi network that would clearly reduce customer dependence on the existing 3G/4G/LTE infrastructure and, subsequently, revenues? It’s a valid question, especially […]


Where will it all end?

The well-used term ‘location, location, location’ has always been linked to smart real estate buying, but it now has taken on a rather sinister alternative meaning, thanks to Google. In case you are unaware, your […]